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 the humanifesto. 

Our planet,
our institutions, 
our bodies and minds
are begging us for change...

But business can't create real change when work culture is set up to stifle it.

Our inherited work culture dictates that we treat ourselves like machines.

It's ineffective. It's inhumane. And it's a freakin' drag.

The culture of ⛓️confined humanity⛓️ says that work and personal life -- head and heart -- are separated by some imaginary line. It says it's worthwhile to chase the corner office and postpone collective impact. And that it's normal to contort ourselves (and our values) so we can keep advancing.

And it tells us that challenging the norm is too risky.

Well, we're not worried about upsetting apple carts. 🍎

We're updating the hyper-individualistic (and hyper-delusional) definition of success.

We stand for whole humanity  because our world needs life-affirming, regenerative change now.  And that change emerges only when we bring all of ourselves -- our full-fledged, messy-AF, authentic humanity -- to our way of working.

It's time to buck the trend of mechanistic work by healing work culture so it reflects the full range of our humanity.

We strive to be our most creative, authentic selves at work because that's how we live a life aligned with our gifts. We sense what's possible if we show up to our purpose with our whole humanity. So we're taking responsibility for our ripple.

There is no purpose on autopilot.


Martha Headshot.jpeg

Our leadership team would not be nearly as effective without this very special perspective and partnership.


It has totally transformed how we operate.

Martha Bitar, CEO

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